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I first discovered Philsophers Wool a few years ago, when I stumbled upon a book of their Fair Isle sweater patterns in a library in Colorado. Since then I’ve admired them for their commitment to producing local, natural, and fair trade yarns–unlike most wool buyers, Philosophers Wool pays farmers a fair price for their fleece (think a couple dollars a pound, versus a few cents from most wool buyers) and still make a profit.

Last month I was staying not far from the PW farm in Kincardine, ON, and jumped at the chance to see the farm in person. What transpired was a lovely visit, including good conversation with the owners, Ann and Eugene, a tour of the farm, and the chance to model their newest sweater designs in exchange for some yarn (look for me on the new sweater kits if you see their booth at Rhinebeck this year). The local/organic ham sandwich Ann made me for the drive back was a treat, too. Yum. Now for some photos:

A few members of the farm flock of Dorset sheep:

This chicken kept a close eye on me as I wandered near the coop:

The full palette of yarn colours, as seen in the foyer:

I also bought some roving, since I couldn’t resist the opportunity to spin some of their wool myself. It’s now spun, skeined, and waiting to be made into hats or mittens (or possibly sold as is).


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Clearly I deserve some sort of award for Blog Neglect, but the briefest of updates as to my goings-on in fibre arts these days:

– More classes at Ariadne;

– Devoting time to building an inventory to sell at Puces Pop this October (hopefully);

– Handpainted spinning fibre. By me.

With all this going on, I think I need a real website…

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