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Thanks to my SP for the 4 oz. of beautiful merino silk roving from Mountain Shadow Ranch! I’ll post a picture later (right now I’m house/pet-sitting, with a little foo-foo dog in my lap) but the colorway is called “Sea Mist” and that describes it perfectly. So lovely, and I can’t wait to spin it. It was especially nice to get it after suffering from a bad bout of food poisoning yesterday and today (ugh). :/ But, I’m nearly recovered and I have new roving!


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This Saturday I will be returning the old, rickety Ashford Traditional wheel I’ve been renting from my guild for the past several months. Even though it’s not a fancy model by any stretch (I always keep a screwdriver and a few rubber bands on hand when I’m using it, as it’s prone to start dissembling itself), I’m going to miss it. Back to the drop spindle. Sigh.

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Thank you SP!

I received a lovely package from my SP the other day (please ignore the socks and stuff everywhere… I was folding laundry when the package arrived):

Inside were candy of all kinds (including single-origin chocolates… mmm), the most wonderful cherry tea cookies, a scented candle, a pretty ceramic dish with a flower design, and two skeins of Debbie Bliss alpaca silk yarn in a gorgeous blue color. I don’t know what I’ll make with the yarn yet, but for the time being I’m going to keep rubbing my face on it 🙂 Thanks again for such a nice present!

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May flowers

Happy spring, everyone!

Also, I received a wonderful gift from my SP upon returning from Boston–pics forthcoming (when Photoshop stops being wonky).

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I am such a deliquent blogger. However, I have a good excuse, which is that I was away in Boston (sans Internet) for a while. I had a great time–saw James and a few friends, met with my pre-vet advisors at Wellesley, ate lots and lots of good food, etc. I also visited three yarn stores and was for the most part unimpressed with what I saw there. I don’t know if it’s just a Boston thing, but I saw furry/novelty yarn EVERYWHERE. One of the shops had nice hand-dyed sock yarn (something I need to buy for my SP spoilee…), but I was really surprised to see the profusion of sparkly eyelash yarn. Also I realized I get way more excited these days about spinning shops rather than their knit-only cousins. Not that I didn’t eye some of that sock yarn rather covetously…

As mentioned in a previous entry, I took a class from Kaye Collins last November. Well, she stopped by Shuttles, Spindles, and Skeins in Boulder for a one-day workshop a couple of weeks ago and I had to sign up. The workshop was on spinning dog hair, which not many people do though you can make some surprisingly nice yarns out of it. Also, properly washed dog hair does not smell like dog 😉 Kaye gave us quite a lot to play with and I’ve been spinning up several mini-skeins from various breeds; my goal is to use them as an entry in my guild‘s “President’s Challenge” contest at the annual guild luncheon next month. The President Challenge invites all guild members to “try something new”, and prizes will be awarded based on our results. I’m planning to make a poster with my mini-skeins and info on the dog breeds they come from and WIN A PRIZE. Well, I hope so, anyway!

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You know, I should really focus on getting a spinning wheel before thinking about accumulating other spinning tools, such as these:

Maybe I can get a pair for cheap at the wool market this summer…

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Pattern: Estonian Lullaby Baby Blanket, from Fibertrends.
Yarn: Dale Baby Ull, in yellow (a bit more than 6 skeins).
Needles: Size 6 Denise circs.

Notes: I knit this for the recently-born daughter of some friends of mine. It’s not a very practical baby item–the eyelets are the perfect size for catching baby fingers, and the yarn, while machine washable, has to be dried flat. Nevertheless, dang if it isn’t pretty, and I wanted to give the parents (who already have lots of baby stuff from their first child) something a little fancier than your average acrylic garter-stitch square.

The pattern gave two options for borders: a plain garter border and a lacey scalloped edge, and I chose the latter.

I don’t have a blocking board, but went to Target and picked up a foam exercise mat for about US$15. It consists of four interlocking pieces that make a 16-square-foot mat–big enough for most blocking projects. I used T-pins to pin out the scallops on the top and bottom edging, but I also needed something to keep the sides straight. Instead of blocking wires (which I didn’t have), I used .039″ steel music wire. Four 3-foot pieces cost less than a tenth of what blocking wires would have.

On to the pictures:

The finished, but unblocked blanket:

And a detail of the above:

After blocking, look how the lace pops (and a view of the edging):

And all finished, folded and ready to be wrapped and shipped off:

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